2020, the year of the pathogen

A strange year comes to its end, with a feeling of despair and great loss. Early this year, I got the notion about a pathogen outbreak in a region and city of China, Wuhan, I did not even know about. Strange given its size with a population almost in the ballpark of the population of the whole of Sweden.

How do we separate wheat from chaff? No one have had a clear plan to safeguard the most vulnerable old, who have been sacrificed in the process. At the same time, we have never seen such outstanding collaboration and co-action to deliver new treatments, vaccine at extreme speed.

What kind of learning of experience will 2020 leave us with, passing over to 2021? and how should we embrace a new world order that is more participatory, open, resilient to cope with future chaotic outbreaks? We should not pull back, and retort to the ways things worked before the year of the pathogen and decease COVID-19. Rather lean upon new policies, practices and processes to support our everyday life and safeguard our world citizens.

Sadly we have proponents of doubt, who claim that the outbreak is a hoax, similar to the impact man has o the climate. With world leader in the forefront, waving their poison of lies.


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