Pivotal Individual Finance Service, Open Innovation?

February 25, 2009

How will banking and finance move ahead, to actually meet the expectations from us being customers in the new web 2.0 arena?

Consumer power like Mint give us a notion (swedish) to what the banks are missing in their trust building exercise to our private economy. Similar to how Google Health have embraced the simple fact that we as individuals are pretty keen on keeping our own medical profile data in a good shape to get the best health care service available.

In the re-make or re-design of internet banking, the focal point is still set to the transaction orientation where we trust the bank/finance partner to take care of our monetary resources. In the emergence of finance crisis, and lack of trust it becomes more “in our face” that we as individuals should be driving this? Simply put help me keep track of the resources that format my way of living, to leverage option to become a happy consumer again… hence get the boost needed in the economy.

When will the bank and finance sector embark into an open innovation tinkering where they invite us customers to act?

And finally a word from my Guru: Redesign Must Die šŸ˜‰