Communicator’s New Role in the Networked Corporate Landscape

Business Effective Communication will have to lean on new leadership roles for the communication professionals.

‘Fingerspetzgefühl’ on knowledge networking: Outstanding quest/question, how to change the communicator’s profession  in such a way that it will take on this new role??

#Systembuilder (process), Brooker/Gateway, Coach, and lastly Influencer

In the spine of the communicator’s practice lays the close relationship to management on all levels, both strategic and operational. The communicator’s best-practice is usually measured in how well percieved their efforts fits for purpose to management. To be in the leadership leach! The worldview is very top-down derived, but this will be problematic in a knowledge networked corporate environment.

The first role being ‘system builder’, is key to refine a work practice amongst peers in the network of communicator’s. Traffic rules that fit for purpose and make everyday operational communicational work more tangible and easy to express and systemize. The second role being a ‘brooker/gateway’ to different forms of communication inside or outside the enterprise will have to change when all actors in the network participate in the value creation in a networked manner. It is not only management agendas that set the scene no more. The third role ‘coach’ is truely a good practice when it is operational. To make-do in everyday practice amongst all actors in the network, to make the company a more fluent ‘spokes person’ inside/outside the corporate walls (that don’t exist in todays knowledge/networked economy). If the coach role in cascaded into all levels, it will make the daily ‘business game’ a winner.

Lastly, the influencer role is where all the above mentioned roles come to play. To network and act in a social manner, one have to be a good practitioner that influence the rest of the actors. Hence if the work practice amongst communicator’s will change (needed!) it will become a true asset to any organisation, and lever innovation and competitive advantage. Since the network of ‘influencer’ / communicator’s will cultivate the networked business arena.

Bricolage and ‘make-do’ in the networked society! The new era for leadership is communication, to co-ordinate and cultivate!


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