Tinkering and Bricolage

In a world of continous change I am finally on board on the blog bandwagoon. It has taken me awhile, but the themes on this blog will revolve around my focal points within the research I am undertaking. Social Media, Enterprise 2.0 /web 2.0, Information Architecture, Open Innovation, Knowledge Management & Information Management, Intranet, CMS, Portal and Search realm and lastly all new fun ideas that will be my working days as a practitioner within this hot spot.

Emergent or emerging technologies where I have replaced it with the bedrock to technology that I used as a kid, being Meccano. For me all the above mentioned themes relate to innovation, but to make-do one have to be tinkering. Illustrated in my slides

Here is a popular science reading experience in either Swedish / English published 2006

Beware, I will reformat this along the way. First step and moving….

That’s all folks!


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